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At the origin of tea


We welcome you among our tea trees all-year long, to savour all aspects of the terroir with your own senses. Each visit is a full immersion in the Yunnanese terroir, in full respect of its land, people, and culture.

We offer different kind of trips, according to your interest and available time, including extended tours around the most important terroirs of Yunnan and China: explore this page for the latest schedule, and contact us to book a talk and find the solution that better suits your needs.

Spring tea tour: 
May 6th-18th 2024
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China tea tour, route #1
July 20th - Aug. 7th, 2024 
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China tea tour, route #2
Sept. 2nd - Sept. 20th, 2024 
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Customised visits: 

Bookings are open for June-July, and November-December 2024 


Xishuangbanna is enjoyable all year-long, with a very mild sub-tropical climate that express itself in a moltitude of colors.

October - January

The rain in October starts to diminish until a dry January; the temperature are mild, with fresh nights (13-18°C) and warm days (19-25 °C). 
Ideal for any kind of visit, at all altitude. 

February - April

February and March are the dryest months, and between mid-March and mid-April the tea season is at its peak: expect hotter days (max 30-33°C in Jinghong, 28°C in the mountain) and a dry weather, until the first rains arrives between late March and April.

May - September

The rainy season with its ever-changing skies, hues, and fragrances. 
The new tea has been pressed and it is ready to be tasted and purchased.
Choose it if you like to feel the tropical fragrance on banana leaves, and you are ready to relax listening to the sound of the rain. 

Beyond the clouds

Spring tour

Join our 2024 Spring tea tour around the most famous mountains of Yunnan: guided by tea farmers and scholars you will experience the fragrances and aromas of the spring tea, joining an exclusive workshop on gongfucha and one on Yixing. We will visit charming teaware studios in the Xishuangbanna area, immersing ourselves in the local culture.


Learn with your senses

China tea tours

Each year we propose two different tours that explore the most important terroir of China: we travel our heart's paths, hosting you together with the farmers and pottery masters that actually make the leaves and teaware you have discovered in our shop and tearoom. 

Route #1: July 20th - Aug. 7th, 2024
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Route #2: Sept. 2nd - Sept. 20th, 2024
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Experience Yunnan

Customized trips and long-term stay

Tailor your trip according to your favorite time to travel and the places you wish to visit: let us know about your planand what you like the most, we are pleased to customise your time here according to your preferences.

We welcome long-term visitors for both professional improvements and collaborations. Xishuangbanna is an ideal base for living and breathing tea culture at any time of the day; every road leads you to a mountain of tea and every conversation will leave you with new ideas and inspiration. 
Long-term stays are subject to project approval and fit into our annual program.

Tailor your trip, visit us Xishuangbanna for the time of a tea or for extended journeys: let us know about your plan and what you like the most, we are pleased to customise your time here according to your preferences.

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