Eastern Leaves owns a forest tea plantation in Nannuo and Pasha Mountains, which flourishes naturally in the undergrowth of a centuries-old Yunnan high mountain forest.

We interfere as little as possible with the growth of our trees, trying to preserve the original thriving environment that surrounds them: this is the reason we call ourselves wild forest keepers rather than farmers.

Farmed, produced and pressed by Eastern Leaves

Our production

We take care of each leg of the production of our teas, from the forest care untill distribution and signature packaging.

We produce Pu'er shengpu, shupu, Dianhong red tea and Yueguagnbai white tea, all of them available in different formats and vintages.


The best Chinese terroir

Tea and teaware selection

Besides our production, season after season we carefully select small batches of other teas from like-minded producers, with whom we have developed a long-term relationship.

These teas are often prized in the Chinese most important tea fairs, and guaranteed by our expertise and passion.

About teaware, we provide our wholesale clients a customized sourcing according to your needs, selected among our trusted artisans and workshops.


In 2019, after a decade spent as tea scholars and producers, our founder Vivian Zhang decided to start her own educational program in cooperation with the Chinese National Tea Academy. 


Tea Academy

We offer courses and masterclasses on Chinese tea, either long-term and one-day tastings online or offline in our tea-room and our tea forest in Yunnan.
Follow your passion wherever you are in the world: explore our courses and feel free to contact us any time for a cup of tea.

Our courses

Get in touch

A forest has no owners: we have always considered ourselves its guardians and keepers, and as such we welcome empowering collaborations that can improve the forest health and help spread tea culture around the world.

If you are interested in participating in our project as a collaborator, distributor or franchise contact us, we will be happy to share a walk in the forest with you.

"The memory of the forest tells of the vanity of possessing it"
C. Magris