Tea/Water Ratio: 
1 square-shaped piece for each teapot (measuring about 100-250 ml)
Rinse: before starting the infusion, rinse the leaves with a one or two washings in order to let them rehydrate and release a more intense brew. Gently cover the leaves with boiling water and pour it after a few seconds.
Brewing time: Begin with a 20-second brew. Increase with each successive brew as needed.
Water temperature: 85-100° C
Number of brews: 10-12

Tea/Water Ratio: 1 square-shaped piece for each teapot (measuring max. 1 liter)
Water Temperature: 85-100°C
Brewing time: 3-4 minutes 

Quantity: 1 gr. of tea every 100 ml of water
Brewing: put the tea leaves in room temperature water and steep for 7-8 hours. Filter the liquor and drink within 24 hours.

Note: the following parameters are an indication of our suggested brewing methods according to our own personal preferences and the feedbacks we received from the many tea enthusiasts that have loved this tea. However, our most sincere suggestion is to allow your senses to teach you the brewing way that best works for you: for any support, feel free to contact us and we'll recommend personalized brewing instructions to follow your preferences and make the best out of your leaves and teaware.