Qimen Gongfu

Qimen Gongfu

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A true classic among Chinese red teas, produced in Qimen, Anhui province.
It was originally created by the Chinese in 1845 and intended only for export, as the Chinese tea producers had to satisfy the Western custom of pairing tea with biscuits and other sweets, a practice averse to the Chinese tradition of consuming tea in its purity. This trait can still be perceived in the robust, full-bodied aroma of the liquor; with malty notes, more familiar to a western palate; and hints of cocoa and ripe peaches.

However, this surprising tea also has a wide floral bouquet, light smoky notes and hidden hints of litchi, for which Qimen Gongfu was praised even by the Chinese literati of Qing dynasty, making it one of the most known and appreciated teas worldwide.

Today, one may savor it in the Chinese way, drinking it alone and appreciating the varying degrees of intensity of each infusion, while trying to recognize each hidden note in the flavor. This tea is nonetheless a perfect choice for breakfast, for its versatile nature, that makes it a perfect pairing for sweets and dried fruit.

Origin: Qimen, Anhui province
Flush: Spring 2022
Storage: Avoid heat, light and moisture

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